Historian Award Details

Bylaws must also be up to date, reviewed and must have an approval date prior to submission of application. Bylaws are updated by FPTA every 3 years.

PLEASE NOTE: ALL Applications are contingent upon timely payment of

Council, State/National PTA dues.

**TIPS FOR APPLYING FOR AWARDS – Fill out award applications as soon as a program is completed, when it's easy to recall details. Be sure that programs align with PTA’s stated purposes/mission or with any positions taken by State or National PTA. Should you have any questions, please contact the BCCPTA Awards Chairperson at awards@browartptsa.org

Historian Award Criteria

A Historian’s Book is an archive of the structure, business, programs and projects of a local PTA/PTSA unit for each year, with a time span of April 1 (of the last year) through March 31 (of the current year). The criteria below indicate required ** items in a specified order, without which a book will not be considered, and those items on which judging and points are based. Books must be submitted by or at the April County Council Meeting. As with other County Council Special Awards, consideration is contingent upon receipt of Council, State, and National dues by stated deadlines and FPTA up-to-date approved Bylaws. Please contact current BCCPTA Historian or Awards Chair with any questions/concerns.

CRITERIA: REQUIRED (items marked by **)

Book Construction**: Size not to exceed 13” X 16”, with NO protrusions from edges of book. Objects on front/outside of book must not exceed 2” in height. Books should be able to be “stacked” without damaging items on cover. Only strong metal rings (no cloth, leather, posts, or rope) should be used to bind book. Books must withstand repeated handling. All contents MUST be PTA related except for items in Ch. 10. PTA Name (do not abbreviate) and year must be on front cover, not just the school name. Table of contents and Title Page are a must. Every page should be numbered (Chapter dividers with tabs and plastic sleeves are suggested).

Chapter 1- General Information**

· Copy of PTA Charter (call FPTA if needed)

· Copy of current Approved Bylaws (State Approval must be in box, top right of first page)

Chapter 2- Officers and Chairpersons**

· Roster of current officers and committee chairs- indicating office, names, addresses, and phone numbers. Include a photo of each (separate or group)

Chapter 3- Financial Information**

· Copy of Current year Approved Budget

· Copy of prior year Audit (not audit statement- actual list of funds earned/spent)

· Copy of Florida State Tax Exemption Certificate

· Copy of IRS 990, 990EZ, or 990N (e-Postcard)

Chapter 4- Meetings**

· LIST of meeting dates, specify General or Executive Board

· Copy of Agenda, Minutes, and Treasurer’s Report from each meeting (not handouts, flyers, or sign-in sheets)

Chapter 5- County, State, and/or National PTA Events Attended**-

· LIST of events attended and date

· EVIDENCE of attendance at County Council Events (Council Meetings, NOW, BLT, Banquet, etc.), State and/or National PTA events/conventions (include name of person(s) who attended) **MUST INCLUDE ATTENDANCE AT A MINUMUM OF TWO Broward County Council PTA EVENTS**

If any of the listed ** items for Chapter 1-5 are missing or not up-to-date, the book will not be judged.

Criteria: Judged for Points

Chapter 6- Workshops for Parents:

LIST with dates of PTA sponsored/co-sponsored parent workshops. EVIDENCE such as agendas, programs, flyers, pictures, etc. (not student programs or community sponsored)

Chapter 7- Awards: Received by PTA only. Must be original if paper award. Not issued for an individual or the school. A copy, picture, or rendition of plaques or trophies may be put in book

Chapter 8- Programs, Projects, and Activities:

LIST of ALL PTA sponsored programs, projects and/or activities with date. EVIDENCE: agendas, programs, flyers, pictures, etc. (student programs/projects, staff events, fundraisers, family events, etc.)

Chapter 9- PTA Publicity from unit to parent/ community. (PTA newsletters, flyers, Parent Link, web-site, blast, photos/copies of: posters/marquee/bulletin boards/banners, etc.)

Chapter 10- Scrapbook- all other photos, awards, newspaper clippings, thank you notes, community or school sponsored events, misc. items not already included

Points will be awarded as follows by the Historian’s Judging Committee:

One (1) point for EACH Parent Workshop & Award

v Parent workshops- Ch. 6

v PTA Awards, prior year acceptable if received after April of previous year- Ch. 7

Maximum points possible in each of these areas:

50 pts. è Programs, Projects, and Activities (Ch. 8)

25 pts. è County, State, National PTA Events (Ch. 5), PTA Publicity (Ch. 9), and Scrapbook (Ch. 10).

25 pts. èBook theme carried throughout, including cover, neatness, book construction and durability

All PTAs who submit a book will be awarded a participation certificate. All Awards and certificates will be presented at the annual BCCPTA Awards & Installation Banquet. Books should be picked up at the banquet.

Suggestions for Historians from the Judges!!

  • There are no periods in PTA. Do NOT abbreviate School/PTA name on cover.

  • Several Chapters must have a list/schedule of events/activities/meetings /people/ etc. (Chapters 2, 4, 5, 6, and 8) and evidence. Evidence is proof that an event actually happened and includes pictures, agendas, programs, and flyers, etc. (Just a flyer to announce/advertise event is not evidence that an event took place.) Chapter 5 also must include name(s) of attendee(s) written, typed, or noted in some way on that page.

  • No bank statements or sign-in sheets should be included in book

  • No handouts from meetings should be put in Chapter 4, just agendas, minutes, and treasurer’s reports. Any important PTA information given as a handout at your meetings can be included in Chapter 8, 9, or 10, as appropriate.

  • Awards chapter should include the original ‘paper’ awards, copies, pictures or computer-generated rendition accepted for plaques or trophies only, not the letter that accompanies awards, applications, or notes stating that award has been granted.

  • Do not include rules, applications, registration forms or any other program rules/packets of information, such as reflections or volunteers (should be included in a procedure book for appropriate chairpersons). Do NOT include instructions on how to complete Bylaws. NO WHOLE BOOKLET(S), such as Reflection rules, VAST rules/regulations.

  • ALL Non-PTA things should be in Chapter 10 only, such as VAST, SAC, SAF, Title I, Golden School, Teacher of the Year, 5 Star Award, School, Individual Awards, etc.

  • Volunteer Orientation/Bike Rodeo/ Magic Shows/ Student Activities are NOT Parent Workshops (Chapter 6). It is a workshop/program that you sponsor or co-sponsor that gives knowledge/information to parents. A guest speaker at a General/ Executive Board PTA meeting is NOT a Parent Workshop.

  • Do NOT include every whole newsletter as many news items are repeated several times. Include samples or cut items out. Use a variety of forms for publicity, not just newsletters, i.e., marquee, bulletin boards, email, blast, Facebook, Parent Link, flyers, banners, announcements, handouts, etc.

  • PTA’s should never endorse a political candidate nor should any officer do so as a representative of their PTA. Do not put political or campaign material in book.

  • Required items must be visible, not packed in sleeves.

  • Do NOT number pages until FINISHED. Number front or both sides of pages.

  • Do Not Buy/Decorate Binder Until Completely Done. Finish contents of book, stack pages, measure height and purchase appropriate-sized binder/book. The pages with sleeves are thicker than they might appear! Use A Big Enough Book/Binder So That It Will Stay Closed Without Assistance.


  • AWARDS ARE ANNOUNCED AT BCCPTA ANNUAL BANQUET. BOOKS MUST BE PICKED UP AT BANQUET! Each book receives an award certificate- you will have one extra point towards next year’s book!