Pat On The Back

Recognition Award

“Pat on the Back” began in 2001, when a conversation started amongst Broward County Council PTA and the School Board about teachers being nominated and voted on by their peers as “Teacher of the Year" for their schools. That year, our county, Broward, was honored with a teacher who went all the way to State, and now a Principal, Joe Balchunas. The following year, Broward County had another teacher of the year go to the State level as well. As a PTA, we were very proud of these 2 individuals and all the teachers before them.

All our teachers and non-instructional staff are special to the PTA, as they are the ones that make a difference in the education of our children, year after year. Everyone in a school works together for one reason - the children and that is what PTA is all about! That is when a committee was formed by then Broward County Council PTA President, Donna Claussen and Chaired by Elinor Adler. Elinor thought all teachers should be recognized, by not just their peers, but parents and students as well. It is our children who reap the benefits of the knowledge and experience that their teachers have to offer.

Because of Elinor’s foresight, in that instance “Pat on the Back” was born, acknowledging all teachers by their parents, peers and students. This program sparked interest in Broward County PTA Schools like wildfire; and in keeping with the rich traditions and history of the Broward County Council PTA, over the past 14 years we have honored hundreds of teachers from PTA/PTSAs.

Thanks to Elinor, PTA schools can recognize their teachers and non-instructional staff for going above and beyond and giving our children the knowledge to succeed in life. Thank you, Teachers and Non-Instructional Staff!

You can find the nominations form on the Awards page.