County Council Committees

Committees Make the Magic Happen!

Staffed entirely by volunteers, PTA Committees coordinate and run the events and programs that take place throughout the year.  Whatever your talents or passions are, there is a Committee for you!

Committe Chairs are active parts of the Leadership Team and attend meetings as needed by their Committee to successfully run their events or programs.

If you would like to volunteer to join or chair one of our Committees, please scroll down to our Committee Interest Form.

Executive Committee Members

Executive Committee Members

Standing Committee Chairs & Other Executive Board Members

The Bylaws and Policies & Procedures committees are chaired by the First Vice President. The Budget Committee is chaired by the Treasurer.

Standing Committee Chairs + Other Executive Board Members

Special Committee Chairs

Special Committee Chair

Coordinators & Consultants

Coordinators & Consultants

Area Zone Representatives (AZRs) & District/Community Committee Representatives

Area Zone Representatives & District / Community Representatives
2023 Committee Chair, Liaisons, Senior Leader Contact Sheet.pdf

2022-2024 Committee Interest Form

This form allows you to select the position(s) (Committee, Chair and or Area Zone Representative) available that YOU have an interest in. This will be taken into consideration when appointing those available positions.


Complete and submit the Interest Form.  Committee/Rep positions will be appointed by the 2022-2024 Executive Committee.

 Send inquiries to

We encourage you to

Participate! Participate! Participate! 

Mandatory Training for BCCPTSA members appointed to a District Committee

ALL BCCPTA/PTSA committee members are required to take this online training, which is about 45 minutes. Please click the link to take the training.

You cannot skip, move forward, backward or let it sit idle for too long, otherwise you will have to start over.