Meet Your Leadership

2022-2024 Leadership

Why do we PTA?

PTA leaders are passionate volunteers.  The phrase "every child. one voice." is at the core of their drive to spend their time and effort in advocating for Broward County students at the county and state levels.  Each member of this Board was sparked by a unique experience in their own lives that started them down the path of a PTA volunteer.  

We would like to introduce you to the members of our Executive Leadership Board. Please say "hi" to them when you see them at your schools and or events!

Sharon Paslowski

"I joined PTA originally to help with a festival at my kid's school and then to have better access to information at my school for my own children.  I stay because I realized that PTA gave me a voice to advocate for all schools and students in the county. "

Phyllis Shaw

First Vice President

"I PTA because I want to help children and families. I want to provide a voice to the children and families without a voice. PTA for me is NOT about fundraising, it is all about advocating. I knew I had a heart for children when I took a job in St Lucie County School District as an Employment Specialist which helped disabled children find jobs. Little did I know that I was starting a trend. I started advocating for children and families in Broward County when one of my children’s elementary school was in need of a playground and that was over 25 years ago. I was shy and scared and I honestly didn’t know what to do but, in the end, our school was funded and received the playground. That was really when I found my voice and superpower for advocating. I volunteered as North Central (back when we had five areas) North Area and District Advisory Chairs for several years in our School District. At the same time, I was always a PTA member in my children’s local schools. being part of PTA is my greatest job and it is one my goal to help create well rounded and prepared future leaders by advocating and equipping our children for what ever comes next include adulthood."

Heather Lopez

"I PTA so I can be involved in my child's education, not just with the daily curriculum, but to have a voice.  When my child was struggling with reading, I knew he wasn't the only one.  Since becoming part of my child's school's PTA, I was introduced to new, exciting, and free resources thanks to the work shops offered by FLPTA and BCCPTSA.  Once I saw these resources I knew these were tools that not all parents and teachers knew about.  I used these resources to help my child succeed with his reading and knew that if these tools helped my child, they can help all children struggling.  I share these tools and resources with the school in hopes that every child will benefit from them as mine did." 

Heather Brooks

Vice President for Organization

"The PTA to me, has always been much more than just a fundraising "booster club" of the local public school. At its roots, it has always been about advocating for the continued work needed to meet the promise we make to our children, that we as a society will raise them to be capable adults, active citizens, and the positive change of tomorrow, no matter what zip code they live in, what their family dynamics are, or any other element of their lives. Being in the PTA allows me the opportunity to better use my voice to advocate for every child in this way."

Cornelia Watson

"My name is Cornelia R Watson, and my mother is my biggest inspiration for why I PTA.   Here is one of the stories of why I PTA.  When I started high school, my school bus stop was more than a mile from my home.  I had to be at the bus stop at around 5:30 in the morning, which at that time was almost pitch-black.  My mom was not ok with that and as she dropped me off at my bus stop that first morning, she then followed the school bus during its morning pickup route, to see if the bus passed closer to our home, and it did. She then contacted the school, and the schoolboard and was put in contact with the transportation department.  My mom got the school bus stop changed to an Elementary School down the street from our home.  That first morning at the elementary school there were no lights, and the school was not open as you can imagine, at 5:30 in the morning. My mom, again, contacted the school and school board and got them to not only turn on some lights, but also unlock the school and had someone on campus while we waited on the school bus. We received lighting, shelter and protection.  She affected change for not just me, but for the other children as well.  She taught me that parents are the best advocates for the little ones and if one parent can make a difference, then imagine what a whole association of parents can do."

Chris Canter

Vice President for Leadership

"Before becoming a parent, I was passionate about touching student lives through my roles as teacher and administrator. Now the father of a school-aged child, I can extend my reach through PTA to directly enhance my child's education and that that of countless children who I do not serve as an administrator. PTA equips me to lead fully-rounded lifestyle of advocacy outside of the workplace - work that is near and dear to my heart!" 

Nadine White

I joined the PTA because I love that the PTA puts our children, your children, my children first. I am proud to be a part of a collective group of individuals that impact our students and community. I look forward to creating the change we need to see in our schools and communities.