Urban Family Engagement Initiative

In 2013, Broward County was one of 6 urban sites, nationwide, chosen by the National PTA to receive the Urban Family Engagement grant.The core team received training from National PTA, and over the course of two years, has delivered the Urban Family Engagement Curriculum to over 50 parents in Broward County Public Schools, who registered and attended a series of workshops divided into 12 curriculum sessions.

The purpose of the training is to equip parents with the knowledge and tools to get actively involved in their child’s education, acquire advocacy, leadership and communication skills in order to become successful advocates, leaders and impart their skills and knowledge to future leaders.

We thank all of the principals who opened their schools to us and to the Broward County school district for encouraging and facilitating the implementation of this grant.

We will continue this training in the fall of 2015, in an effort to sustain parent and community engagement.

Graduating Classes

March 2014 October 2014

February 2015

February 2015


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